7 Reasons I Hate Sales Reps From Title Companies

Today, I was reminded of something that I have made light of for years as I listened a title rep from a local title company completely bamboozle a loan officer in an office next to me.

It was surreal – and because I have seen this go on for years and years – I finally decided to write a post just tossing it out into the arena of public opinion.

Ok, so maybe “hate” is a strong word.

The truth is that I actually like many of the sales reps from title companies, but I really don’t see a need for what they do.

In fact, many times – it has been my experience that their job essentially is to lie to me – and so while I may like some of them personally, I generally just lump them all into the same-simpleton-group-of-hate.

7 Reasons I Hate Sales Reps From Title Companies

  1. When it comes to getting the work done, they don’t actually do anything. A few of them know how to do the actual work that it takes to get a file done and can pinch-hit when needed, but the vast majority of them don’t.

  2. They will tell you that they have the best escrow officers around. And the truth is that they might — but even if they have completely horrible escrow officers, they will tell you that they are wonderful up front.
  3. When you send them your first deal and the escrow officer does something completely crazy to foul it up somehow, they are in your office saying that they are going to immediately switch you to another escrow officer who is “much better”. Remember – the escrow officer who just hosed up your deal was sold to you as “wonderful” just three weeks ago.
  4. They are all skinnier than me.
  5. They name drop. I have rarely talked to a title rep who doesn’t ask me if I know <insert the big producer Real Estate agent of the month> or casually mention that they can bring me business by introducing me to the <insert another big producer Real Estate agent of the month> who hates their current loan officer.
  6. They spend zero time educating me about the title and escrow process. The truth is, I bet many of them don’t know very much anyway – so fine by me if they skip it.
  7. They don’t have any good marketing ideas – but they don’t know that. They are always pitching me a bad new idea to get clients.

Are you a title rep who is fuming mad at me right now?

Don’t be… Remember – I actually like you as a person, but too often your job forces you to be a complete fraud.

And if you are an escrow officer – remember this – I love you.

If you are great.

Because when it comes to getting a transaction done, the right escrow officer can make all of the difference in the world.

Unlike the sales reps — they don’t really matter.