Another Insurance Saving Tip

Hello all, here is another insurance savings tip. Save your deductible by doing some simple home maintaince that we call could be doing on our hot water tanks. We all know the water in AZ is horrible with heavy metals – what that means is not only do the wives complain about how it fees on their skin it also means death to appliances and your hot water tank. Prevent future problems, save … [Read more...]

Kids Water Saftey – Can Save You On Homeowners Insurance

Here’s another tip that has been drilled into you by TV and radio in AZ but I bet your insurance guy never told you how this impacts your wallet. Another insurance savings tip. Save your deductible – By Watching Kids Around Water / Pools. If you have a pool + kids + friend = potential trouble. Check to see what your liability limits are on your policy. Even better question is why don’t … [Read more...]

Monsoon 2010 and Home Insurance

With today the first day of summer and all the TV news stations in the valley broad casting their annual Monsoon Do’s and Don’ts for the season I thought I might shoot a quick reminder to all our homeowners about insurance this time of year. As a home owner there are a couple simple things you can do to help prevent a claim and also help prevent the cost of incurring your deductible on your … [Read more...]

Arizona Homeowners Insurance: What You Need To Know

The number one misunderstood insurance term, hazard insurance, is a term most mortgage lenders use but not insurance agents. For this reason alone most customers don’t understand what hazard insurance is or what to expect for it.  The most common term is home or homeowners insurance.  Hazard insurance is a term that banks use to make sure that there home is protected against perils that could … [Read more...]

Homeowners Insurance: Replacement Cost Check Up

Homeowners Insurance: Replacement Cost Check Up In general the consumer today is all about saving a buck! Lately I have taken a few calls regarding home insurance premiums going up because of the replacement cost increasing on the dwelling coverage part of the policy. Home Replacement Cost Estimators The following list of “calculators” was compiled to aid homeowners’ discussion about … [Read more...]

Open House: The Criminal Element in Desperate Times

Open House: The Criminal Element in Desperate Times Realtors hosting an open house on a clients property on any given weekend could lead to a burglary. Believe it or not the potential buyers walking through the house can create an opportunity for a future crime scene. While walking through and casing the property the criminal will crack a window open or even unlock an exterior door. They … [Read more...]