Loan Modification – Free Help

Loan Modification – Free Help

The fact you are here and noticed the word “Free” makes you suspicious as most of us have heard some nightmare stories of how people are charging desperate homeowners, thousands ($1,000’s) of dollars, hoping to stay in their home and thwart off the possibilities of foreclosure.  Unfortunately, some of these modifcation companies do not deliver and keep the distressed homeowner with less money in their distressed pockets.  There is hope and we are excited to offer our readers and their friends and families this information.

The good news!  There is a HUD Sponsored “Not for Profit” Agency that dedicates their time and efforts to assisting homeowners on their loan modification for “FREE”.  

Who, what, where and how?

NID-Housing Counseling Agency (NID-HCA), program is designed to offer the myriad of housing related issues to our clients, nationwide.  The function of the agency is to provide housing related counseling to all persons/entities with housing needs, FREE OF CHARGE. The agency is staffed by a network of fully training counselors/real estate professionals with extensive multi-choice knowledge of the real estate industry, in general and within their areas, specifically. The agency also has an extensive referral system for all of your real estate related needs. Counseling is offered in the following ways to accommodate the client: Office location, telephone, e-mail, confidential fax on demand, and TDD (for the hearing impaired). Spanish and Cantonese counselors are available at each location. Counseling is strictly confidential. One-on-one and/or group counseling seminars are available. Counseling questions submitted by e-mail and fax are confidential and will only be accessible by the counselor.  We offer counseling to consumers, as well as non-profits, public agencies and faith-based organizations in each of the following areas: .

Default/Foreclosure (loss mitigation)
The NID-HCA default/foreclosure-counseling program to date has a 95% success rate in avoiding client lose of property due to foreclosure (without the client filing a bankruptcy). NID-HCA works with your lender to negotiate the best terms available for all parties involved. NID-HCA will discuss extensively with the client issues such as, how to avoid foreclosure, options to foreclosure, communicating with your lender/service, renegotiating your loan terms, managing your debt and re-establishing your credit.

Delinquency/Default Counseling
We provide information and recommendations, allowing our clients to make appropriate decisions to settle their mortgage delinquency/default problems. In this process, we ensure that our clients understand all their options and that lenders/servicersadhere to industry-standard loss mitigation practices. NID-HCA continues to assist its clients until their problems are resolved. We also work to reduce loss mitigation costs to both our housing clients and mortgage lenders.

Predatory Lending Counseling
NID-HCA arms its clients with knowledge that enables them to negotiate fair loan terms and to protect themselves against potential predatory lenders. For clients who feel they have been victimized by predatory lending practices, our counselors help clients investigate the validity of their concerns, and when indicated, report unlawful conduct to the appropriate authorities.


NID Housing Counseling Agency
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Office: 602-685-1056
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By Ted Canto, Sr. Mortgage Consultant