Mother In Law Moving In? Here Is A Possible Solution

As America gets older, many families are faced with the reality that grandma is moving in with them – permanently. The latest numbers reveal that somewhere close to 50 million people in America live in a situation where they are living with an extended family member and with the rising costs of health care, I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see those numbers rise over the coming decade.

Are you in a situation where you are considering moving junior out of his room so grandma can move in?

You may be in luck – one homebuilder has started designing solutions with this problem in mind — Lennar Homes.

Lennar Homes has recently introduced the Next Gen Casita option to some of it’s communities here in the Maricopa county area and with the number of senior citizens who already call Arizona home, don’t be surprised to see many other home builders attempt to copy this idea. Just a few of the features of the Lennar Next Gen Casita include:

  • Larget Kitchenette including dishwasher, full-size fridge, full-size sink and microwave
  • Private patio with room for a BBQ
  • Laundry space for washer and dryer
  • Private 1 car garage with direct access to the casita
  • Private bedroom and bathroom
  • Private living room
  • Private porch area great for relaxing

If you are in the situation where you may be having an elderly parent live with your family, the Next Gen Casita home provides a unique solution to an increasingly-common occurrence. Learn more about your home-buying options and see what it takes to get qualified to buy one of these homes that are designed for your expanded family needs.

Lennar Next Gen Casita: More Information

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