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Apache Junction Mortgage Rates often vary depending on a number of factors. They change daily (or multiple times each day), can vary by lender or even loan officer. Sometimes you can talk to two loan officers who work at the same lender and get two different mortgage rate quotes.

Because of the differences between lenders and how frequently mortgage rates change, we have decided to show you the average rate that someone with excellent credit is being quoted across the US in real time. Now you can easily see what other people are being quoted across the US if they have excellent credit.

The reason we show you the average rates people are being quoted is so that you can make sure that you ask your loan officer for a better than average rate!

If you have excellent credit, chances are good that we can actually beat what you see on the graph above because we have been doing this a while and consider ourselves to be significantly “better than average“.

If you have flaws with your credit, less than perfect credit or just flat out bad credit, you will not be able to qualify for the best Apache Junction mortgage rates, but we can still possibly help you. If your credit score is below 620, you should be aware that we may not be able to help you get a mortgage until we help you get your higher credit score higher — which we can show you the steps you can take to get your score higher.

We are your Apache Junction mortgage experts and we are happy to help you get the best rates available.

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Apache Junction Interesting Facts


  • There are a total of 51 RV parks in Apache Junction. 1, the Lost Dutchman, is a state park. 9 offer wireless internet connection.
  • Apache Junction local sales tax revenue is the single largest source of funding for Apache Junction city services.
  • Unlike many other cities, Apache Junction has NO city property tax.
  • 42 cents of every dollar in the City’s general fund budget is supported by shopping in Apache Junction.
  • For every $1 in the City’s general fund budget, approximately 41 cents goes to Police & Public Safety, 18 cents for Parks & Recreation and 9 cents for Library services.

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