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Prescott Mortgage Rates will usually change on a regular basis and can vary from lender to lender, so we decided to just post an average of what all lenders are quoting all borrowers with excellent credit across the nation.

As you are probably aware, when you apply for a mortgage in Prescott, you will only get the best Prescott Mortgage Rateswhen you have excellent credit. Prescott mortgage rates can be higher if you have less than perfect credit – and it is entirely possible that you may not get approved for a mortgage at all if your credit is too bad.

But if you have excellent credit and live in the Prescott area, you should be able to reasonably expect that the rates shown above would be the rates quoted by a reputable lender.

Contact your Prescott and Prescott Valley mortgage experts today to see if your profile is good enough to qualify for the best rates available.

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