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Tempe Mortgage Rates for people who have excellent credit can be hard to pinpoint. The reason is that most of the time lenders all have different mortgage rates and those rates can change multiple times each day.

To keep you updated with the best possible Tempe Mortgage Rates, we decided to show you an average of what consumers are being quoted for loans nationwide. With this way of displaying this information about mortgage rate quotes that are happening, we are providing you with powerful information that you can use to your advantage.

By giving you access to the national average of mortgage rates and what rates people are being quoted throughout the US, you can now have the knowledge of what other people are paying and you can make sure to ask your loan officer for an even better rate!

If you have an excellent credit rating and choose to work with us, we are pretty confident that we can actually beat the rates shown above because we have been doing this a while and consider ourselves to be significantly “better than average“.

We are your Tempe Mortgage experts and we are happy to help you get the best rates available. Call one of our Tempe mortgage experts today to see how much money you can save by working with the experts!

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Tempe Fun Facts

Interesting and fun facts about Tempe include:

  • Pioneer Darrell Duppa is credited with suggesting Tempe’s name, adopted in 1879, after comparing the Salt River valley near a 300-foot-tall butte, to the Vale of Tempe near Mount Olympus in Greece.
  • In 1885, Arizona Territorial Legislature chose Tempe for the site of the Territorial Normal School, which became Arizona Normal School, Arizona State Teachers College, Arizona State College and finally Arizona State University.
  • On New Year’s Eve, the city hosts the Insight Fiesta Bowl Block Party, one of the nation’s largest New Year’s Eve parties.
  • As of the 2006 census estimate, there were 169,712 people who lived in Tempe
  • Valley Metro operates bus routes and is building the METRO Light rail system that will serve Downtown Tempe and Arizona State University, providing service to Phoenix and Mesa when the initial segment opens in December 2008. The most popular light rail website is RailLife.